My name is Stephanie Lundgren and a few months ago I embarked on a journey that has already changed my life in massive ways.

Four months ago I began my 200-hr yoga teacher training and it has brought so much to light in my life. Some things I’ve been avoiding and some things I didn’t even know were there.

When I imagined my yoga teacher training I had all these ideas of being able to get into all these crazy poses by the end and having this new calming yoga voice that every teacher seems to have, but I never imagined the internal changes that would occur.

One of those changes is that I’m beginning to find my voice (no not my super calming yogi voice). I grew up extremely quiet and introverted and so when I went off to college I decided I wasn’t going to be that person anymore and on many levels I did outgrow that part of me. I surrounded myself with great people and began to really find myself. Something that was still ingrained in me, however, was my inability to voice my opinions and put words to my emotions. And storytelling…anyone who has sat through me trying to tell a story will tell you I am the WORST at telling stories…but I’m getting better.

In this teacher training, I’ve learned to speak honestly and openly with people about how I’m feeling or the things I’m struggling with through the circles that we start off with every weekend. Between every training, we’re assigned a yama or nyama (the ethical principles of yoga) to practice and journal about and something profound tends to surface from within me with each one. In these circles, we would go around and discuss what had come up in the previous weeks. At first, I was VERY tentative to speak up and when I finally did I just bawled as I attempted to get out my experience with the first yama, ahimsa (something I’ll talk about later). I have always gotten very overwhelmed by emotions especially when I try to voice them because I usually don’t know how. But each weekend it’s getting easier and easier. And now, I feel as though the floodgates have opened. I can’t stop talking! I often find myself in rants to other people (usually my parents) about what I’m experiencing in life. Things I would have never talked about before. I get so excited about all the things I’m beginning to notice about the world and about myself. I’ve finished my first journal EVER and I’ve decided to share my thoughts and musings with the world (and give my parents a break).

In this blog, you’ll find everything ranging from my experience with teacher training to the life lessons I’ve learned on public transportation. From AMAZING (vegan) recipes to how I’m struggling to find my life’s purpose (and who isn’t?).

If ANY part of this interests you please keep reading!

I’m keeping this blog to myself until I’m ready to unleash it on the world, so if you’re reading this, you either somehow stumbled upon this page or you have a whole lot of reading ahead of you!

Either way…


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